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Molly Keane

Cork World Book Fests 2017 begins and ends this year with a tribute to Molly Keane.

The fest opened on Tue 18th April with a free event at Cork City library – a tribute to Molly Keane with Molly’s daughter Sally Phipps who has recently published Molly Keane : A Life to great acclaim. Sally will be joined by her sister Virginia Brownlow and life-long Molly Keane fan Thomas McCarthy.

The fest finale on UNESCO World Book Day, 23 April is a Cronin’s Coaches Bus Trip from Cork to Molly’s home in Ardmore with poet Tom McCarthy on-board to talk the passengers through ‘Molly Keane Country’ along the way.

Bus leaves at 1pm and should return by 5.30pm. Cost per person is €10

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