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Dazzling Prospect – A Play by Molly Keane aka M.J. Farrell

Dazzling Prospect is one of the four plays Molly Keane wrote under the name M.J. Farrell. The plays are lighter than many of her novels and are infused with her characteristic wit and vivid comic characters. Molly Keane loves a devoted butler who is really the one in charge of the big houses she depicts. And there is often a loquacious handymen stirring up the plot.

Molly Keane with John Gielgud and Margaret Rutherford

Molly Keane with John Gielgud and Margaret Rutherford

In Dazzling Prospect, which she co-wrote for The Globe with John Perry in 1961, eccentric Aunt Bijou, is the lynch-pin of the action. Aunt Bijou appears in both Spring Meeting and Dazzling Prospect and is a character plagued by indigestion who makes secret bets at the racetrack with the housekeeping money and is certain of her own opinion on every matter.

It was first published by Samuel French, London, 1961.

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